Terms and Conditions

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Please find the Terms and Conditions of Cleaning Service here. Customers placing order to use or already using any of the Services of All  in Cleaning are agreed to be bound to these terms and conditions.

Please read carefully, and if it feels too technical for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Cleaning Services are provided by these important rules, therefore, please read through first the whole and make notes of the parts you felt uncomfortable with. Then please contact us for a comprehensive explanation or demonstration.

 Terms & Conditions of Cleaning Service of All in Cleaning

Document is opening here in the same window. It is blocked for right click for copyright purposes. If you need a printed copy please contact us.

The Terms and Conditions of Service of All in Cleaning contains the full list of conditions of which our customers are recommended to be aware of. These are

  • All the TERMS of a Cleaning Agreement  are explained
  • General Terms and Conditions of Cleaning Service
  • Specific Terms and Conditions of Cleaning Service
    • Contract Cleaning Conditions
    • Carpet and Steam Cleaning Conditions
  • One-off Cleaning Conditions
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning, Builders Cleaning and Deep Cleaning Conditions
  • Billing and Payment Terms and Conditions
  • Conditions of Claims
  • Conditions of Cancellation of Cleaning Services
  • After-Termination Conditions

To see the full copy of our Terms and Conditions, please find and use the link above.